Pope John Paul II High School is a dynamic Catholic school committed to our mission of helping students grow in mind, body, and spirit. We seek candidates who understand our mission and wish to serve a diverse student body as role models who exhibit integrity, faith, and a commitment to academic excellence. Candidates should aspire to help students grow both in the subject they teach and as people of faith. Similar to the characteristics of Saint John Paul II, a scholar, and an athlete, the ideal candidates will contribute to the formation of our students by inspiring them in multiple disciplines in the classroom, add to the extra-curricular life of the school, and coach a sport(s). 

JPII's faculty approaches teaching as a vocation and prepares students for their personal and professional lives. Our inclusive community is dedicated to meeting the needs of each student and holding high standards. We seek candidates with subject area expertise who will collaborate within and across departments to develop and deploy an innovative curriculum. We are committed to technology integration, STREAM initiatives, and best teaching practices in the classroom. Flexibility across disciplines, grade levels, and extracurricular activities is preferred. 

We welcome faculty, students, and families of diverse faiths and backgrounds. The key to an excellent school is an excellent faculty and staff. JPII welcomes interest from candidates for all positions.

For all teaching positions:

We encourage all interested candidates to apply for the position by submitting the following supporting documents to Ricky Lang ricky.lang@jp2hs.org, assistant to Andrew Griffith, Assistant Head of School for Academics:

  • A cover letter that includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Your interest in our 6-12 grade community
    • Your desire to teach in a faith-based school
    • Your contributions outside of the classroom
    • Your passions that make you unique
  • A resume that emphasizes educational and professional experiences
  • A statement of teaching philosophy 

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